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There are many reasons as to why you should choose to use a Canadian web host if you a resident in Canada. As a Canadian resident, you would want to invest capital in your economy. This will directly benefit the local economy and therefore indirectly help your company too. Over the past couple of years, the growth rate of the web hosting companies has increased in Canada creating more reasons as to why business residents should use it.

SEO benefits

If you are a businessman or an occupant in Canada picking a Canadian web host can have numerous benefits for your company. Choosing a specific Canadian company can’t affect your worldwide google rankings, but it can affect your local Google rankings. If your IP address states that you are from Canada and your TLD is .ca google will assume that you are a resident of Canada. It will also assume that your business will be more relevant to a person who is searching from Canada using google.


Pricing is the first main concern for a client when picking a web hosting provider. In the recent year’s Canadian residents used to opt for US providers since their services were a bit cheap. Canadian industries have been expanded, and due to this a lot of space has been created leading to a decrease in prices. Also when you pick a Canadian provider, you will automatically be billed with Canadian currency which will save you on some dollars. With the recent introduction of HST on a large part of Canada, the companies in Canada which choose to work with a Canadian host provider aren’t required to pay tax on the services anymore.

DMCA concerns

One of the biggest reasons why a lot of Americans and Canadian residents use Canadian web host services is because of its DMCA. There have been numerous stories of the FBI’s raiding data centres which have content that is illegal. Using a Canadian web host reduces this risk as Canadians are not required to go along with the DMCA requests of the takedown immediately. This means that the Canadian web host providers have the time to review the claim and if need be isolate that website from the rest of the clients. Even if the matter would reach the courts, Canadians have a habit of denying such DMCA claims.


 If you are an occupant of Canada or a business person, it will make a lot of sense for you if you use a Canadian based web host. You will benefit the Canada economy and your business as well.

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