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When it comes to selecting a web host, Canadian occupants have a wide variety to choose from. There are tens of thousands hosting companies which cater for business and individual in North America. If you have taken your time in searching for a web host, then you must know that it can be an overwhelming process. There are a lot of plans, options, and hosts that want to be service providers for your business. One factor which is becoming crucial for businesspeople is the location of their web hosting provider. Here are reasons why you should consider a Canadian web host.

The differences in privacy

The main difference between the US and Canada is how both countries handle the confidentiality of your information. In the United States, their privacy act greatly differs from the privacy act of Canada. In the US there’s no data protection privacy owned by the companies. Also in the US the authorities can spy and can even block you from accessing your data even without a court order.

However, in Cana, there’s high respect for personal data, and it’s highly regulated protecting both personal and sensitive information for businesses and individuals.

Your data will be closer to you

As a resident of Canada, your data will be closer to you if you use Canadian web hosting services. The closer your online information and data are to you the faster your website will load. Your clients want to access information easily and quickly. Having the data centre of your web hosting provider closer to you solves the issue of latency for your website.

Supporting local business

If you stay in Canada and you are using a Canadian web hosting provider, then you will be supporting local business in your country. More people are becoming disillusioned with the emergence of big companies and it has created an increase in need of going local.

Local court jurisdiction

A web host which is outside your country won’t be held accountable under the laws of your country and jurisdiction. Local courts will only have jurisdiction if your hosting provider is based in your state.


There are various benefits associated with choosing a web host from the country that you reside in. You will almost never get to experience latency as the data servers are close to you and also you will grow the economy of your country.

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